Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to travel to the United States?

A: No. We source your parts from our wide selection of wholesalers & we facilitate everything up to the delivery to your courier in either Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.

Q: How does this save me money & time?

A: Simple, for years we have worked with individuals & businesses that travel to the United States to just export products. We have cut out the expense of your travel & have selected the best wholesalers in the nation to ensure the lowest prices for you.

Q: What countries do you export to?

A: We export our parts to countries such as the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman islands, Turks & Caicos, Trinidad Tobago, Dominica, US Virgin island, British Virgin island, Aruba, Caracas, Bonaire, Barbados, St Lucia, & all the islands in the Caribbean At the current time we do NOT export to Haiti ,Dominican Republic ,Cuba or Puerto Rico.

Q: Do you handle the delivery to my doorstep?

A: No. We deliver your parts to your courier in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. You are responsible for the delivery after we deliver your products to them.

Q: Are the parts good quality?

A: Yes. We only choose the best automotive parts & we inspect every single part to ensure that you will receive exactly what you purchased.


  • Barbados
  • Bonaire
  • British-Virgin-island
  • Caracas
  • Caribbean-ISLANDS
  • Dominica
  • Trinidad-Tobago
  • Turks-&-Caicos
  • US-Virgin-island

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We offer the best products at the best prices for our customers. We inspect every part to ensure the best quality & that you will receive exactly what you paid for.


We are the leading export auto parts specialists proudly serving customers in the Caribbean


We take care of the logistics here in the United States & deliver your quality products to your courier in Miami - Ft. Lauderdale